Waterproof Kitchen Aluminum Foil

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Safeguard your kitchen against oil stain, dirt, water & any damage!

This Aluminum Foil Kitchen Sticker prevents oil & sauce splashes from causing persistent stains on your kitchen wall & counter top! Anti-oil, anti-dust & waterproof!

You can also save your drawers & shelves from dust & keep your electrical appliances spotless from moisture! Never worry about not fitting to your kitchen- you can measure & freely cut the sticker precisely with cut-to-fit grid lines. 

ANTI-OIL, MOISTURE AND WATERPROOF Easy to wipe & remove stains, this anti-bacterial, and anti-mold aluminum sticker will keep your kitchen clean all the time!

EASY CUT AND TRIM Removable back sticker has cut-to-fit grid lines for easy measurement & placement.

HEAT RESISTANT -  Premium aluminum foil is much stronger against fire than normal PVC sheet

WIDE APPLICATION - Ideal for kitchen cabinets, countertops, shelves, walls, pantry areas, dishwasher panels, refrigerators, etc.

Product features

This product is widely used. A clean, clean surface can be used. Sales all over the country, buyers can stick to themselves. Good quality and affordable, affordable. House renovation, renovation of old houses, rental housing, shops, furniture, etc.
The back of the wall sticker comes with glue. Waterproof, no fading, no curling, dirty and can be scrubbed. Can be directly attached without lifting the glue.


No need to brush the glue, you can directly paste the decoration, easy to use, the surface of the wallpaper can be scrubbed, the back has glue (no need to glue), just like the big head sticker is easy to paste. The wallpaper is colorful and diverse, the pattern is rich, safe and environmentally friendly, and the construction is convenient. The wallpaper has certain sound absorption,  heat insulation, mildew proof and antibacterial functions. Can be better   anti-aging, insect proof, non-toxic, non-polluting . The surface is easy to clean. It has become a trend and trend of home improvement.

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