Ripe Ball Water Balloon Watermelon Ball Toy

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Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game For Under Water Passing


The watermelon ball is a water-filled ball that mimics the floating of a watermelon.
After being thrown into the water, the ball will sink and then slowly rise to the surface.
The ball can also be bounced, dribbled and passed underwater, which is very suitable for various water games.
The watermelon ball comes with a hose adapter and a water injection needle, which can be filled with water.
More than just a swimming pool or diving toy. It combines the components of football and basketball. When Competing in groups, the watermelon ball becomes a high-intensity sport!
Great choice for pool parties. This is a dance party for all ages! Children, teenagers and adults can enjoy watermelon balls at any pool party with family and friends.
Material: PVC
Color: green, color
Size: 9 inches
The package includes:
1x Pool Watermelon Ball+ Water injection accessories
Bounce: Bounce from the pool floor and underwater walls.
Dribble: Dribble like an underwater basketball.

Pass: You can walk up to 10 feet underwater.

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