Baby Milk Water Drink Cup Big Ear Cup

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The Big Ear Cup (Dom*or Cup), also known as the Dom*or Cup."Bor" means "ear" in Dutch, and "Dom*or" is the classic character "Dumbo Elephant" in D Disney's animation.Inspired by his son, the designer designed such a cup full of joy, attracting children to hold the cup with both hands and drink water by themselves.However, as stated in the "1-100 years old" on the outer packaging of the cup-Dom*or Cup is not just a tableware for children. With a humorous and artistic appearance, they can also be used in the living space of adults Occupies a place.No matter where it is placed, it is a special decoration.In addition to drinking, it is sometimes used as a pen holder and flower. For babies, our imagination is richer and we can do moreThe large ear design not only arouses the baby's interest in drinking water, but also facilitates gripping and will not fallFull of childlike shapes, even moms want one!


Product Name: big ear cup

Size: 26cm(10.24in) in width 9cm(3.54in) in height Capacity: 295ml(9.98oz)

Material: LDPE (low density polyethylene) BPA free.

Uses: home decoration, water cup, children's milk cup, flowerpot, pen holder

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